Systems & Infrastructure

Escalates Tech India’s systems and infrastructure are strategically designed to facilitate the rapid and efficient flow of IT talent from the field-at-large directly to your door.

The foundation rests on our recruiters. When they come onboard, we put them through months of recruiter training. Training in our systems. Training in résumé mining. In practice recruitment situations. In the classroom. In actual recruiting. And on the phones. Next, trainees are assigned mentors for eight weeks, during which they must pass weekly written and practical tests. Then, only after they’ve completed six months of successful, on-the-job recruiting do they become fully certified.

Empowering our recruiters is our round-the-clock, automated mining system. It extracts potential hires from an ever-growing field containing several million résumés. With that input we build candidate profiles in our proprietary database of over 1.4 million pre-qualified professionals: candidates who are from your local market, with a broad range of technology expertise, with experience in your industry, and who can be tapped quickly.

Thus, very soon after receiving your requirements we can channel a number of potential candidates into our Escalates Tech India Acquire™ hiring process, and rapidly deliver the perfect-fit talent you need.