Escalates Tech India Consulting has been helping European clients meet the challenge of local IT talent pool shortages since we established operations in Middlesex, England in 2005. By applying to our UK business the perfected recruitment practices we developed in the U.S., we have successfully served Global Fortune 500 clients in Ireland, the UK, and Europe with onsite, offsite, and offshore staffing solutions.

Your industry-specific resourcing needs are well-understood by our account management and recruiting teams. Serving clients in the telecommunications, automobile, financial, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and hospitality industries, among others, we are well-versed in the resourcing challenges that you face in the UK and Europe. To help, Facet has built a large database of IT resources to meet your needs efficiently and affordably, especially when you’re ramping up to respond to rapidly changing market opportunities.

Talent can be provided on a permanent, contract, or contract-to-hire basis. You can be assured we follow a strict code of business ethics and regulatory compliance in our recruitment practices. And, we work with a dedicated payroll agency to meet the administrative needs associated with all PAYE employees.

On those occasions when you need to fill a particular IT job for which there is little-to-no local talent available, Facet can tap its talent pools in India to bring in resources on work permits. While this can be accomplished with some cost advantages, keep in mind that obtaining a work permit can take up to six weeks. Therefore, this is a solution that works best when we have time to plan ahead.

Escalates Tech India also offers superior software application and product development solutions. We encourage you to explore our lifecycle IT solutions.