Quality Assurance

Quality assurance testing must mitigate the risk of loss and damage to your brand. As such, it is arguably the most critical of development lifecycle stages. Facet Consulting’s QA Center of Excellence delivers proven expertise in the full range of testing disciplines. Like all of our lifecycle solutions, our testing process will adapt to your needs and specifications, ensuring your confidence – and the end user’s – in the final application or product.

Manual Testing

Sometimes, the best testing instruments are a person's eyes and hands. Like when you need to visually confirm graphic displays or evaluate a program’s full functionality. With this method, we’ll prepare a comprehensive test plan that aligns with your specifications. We’ll test installation, compatibility, functionality, and reliability. We can test a wide variety of applications (web, Windows-based, GUI, XML, Java, and more) in a comprehensive range of environments (user platforms, operating systems, servers, browsers), as well as user interface performance under increasing load.

Automated Testing

Then there are times when automated testing makes more sense, practically and economically. For example, after defect resolution and product extension projects, when regression testing is needed to repeatedly make sure code changes are maintained without negatively affecting functionality. With repetitive processes, automated testing can eliminate fatigue-related human error and maximize accuracy. Our services include test scripts, plans, and specifications; data-driven testing; production test automation; test consulting; and regression test suites.

Performance Testing

If your products, applications, and systems do not perform well, you can throw your enterprise’s responsiveness and competitiveness out the window. Facet’s proactive performance testing can help you ensure application interactivity, security, and speed. We’ll start with a performance requirements feasibility analysis. Look at the interoperability of applications across various platforms, browsers, servers, and languages. Discover ways to reduce the risks associated with Internet fraud, workflow bottlenecks, and scalability problems. And avoid breakdowns under peak-load stress, maximizing efficiency and productivity.

White Box Testing

Escalates Tech India’s white box testing covers the internal logic and structure of code, revealing any errors in logic and confirming adequate coverage of all code statements. We ensure code conforms to design, testing all paths, branches, and conditions. We can conduct unit testing; static and dynamic analysis; security testing, integration testing, and more.

Black Box Testing

Black box testing examines the functionality of an entire system, and is critical for improving product quality and speeding up time-to-market. To prepare for this type of testing, Escalates Tech India designs test scenarios, defines test conditions, identifies data to be used, and describes the expected results. Our testing expertise includes system testing, end-to-end testing, and much more.