Mobile Test Automation

Test Automation on Mobile handsets and other related devices has largely been believed as ineffective and inefficient. The primary and foremost reason being that the difficulties which the automation scripts and tools had to deal with because different hardware characteristics , the resolution settings on the device, the language settings and the other hardware constraints. We have come up with a Mobile Test automation framework which is going to generate instant ROI for automation of functional test cases. The framework broadly covers the following high level approach:

The automation script should be reusable across different variants of the Mobile devices . There should be no need to make script modification because of variation of the hardware characteristics of the devices.

The automation script should be reusable across different versions of the applications

The script should be user friendly so that not enough effort is being spent for the maintenance of the scripts

By using our test automation framework solution, our customers has been able to reduce the test cycle times, improving the accuracy of overall testing, collaborating in accelerating new product/feature releases, finally ensuring high quality end-user experience. The test automation framework covers the following types of Devices:

Enterprise Handhelds, i.e., Motorola/Symbol, Honeywell

Smartphones, i.e., IPhone, Blackberry, Android

The most important differentiator of this test automation framework is, it is run under real-world conditions. In other words, the automated scripts of the application are executed in actual mobile device, in the real environment, using the processor and memory of the device and we are NOT using any kind of emulator or desktop environment for the same. By following this approach the integrity of the test it being maintained to the maximum extent.

Examples of different types of Applications, any app that runs on the above devices and finally be test automated are:

1. Enterprise Handheld

. Inventory Management System – for Store employees to process inventory on the shelves

. Shoe Retail System - for Store floor employees to know what inventory, size, color etc. is available for the customer while in front of the customer

. Logistics Systems – for truck delivery to NAPA stores of their products

. Checkout system – used in retail stores to facilitate customer purchases

. DIAD VI – the clipboard-sized gadget that UPS's brown-clad drivers around the world carry to get and send package which includes a wireless phone that constantly searches for the best connection using an algorithm similar to your smartphone that assesses signal strengths and balances that with roaming costs, and decides when to switch from one carrier to another.

2. Smartphones

. Consumer applications to allow accessing websites through browsers on phone for information, customer support or purchasing products.

. Banking applications that allow access to checking accounts to check balances, move funds etc.

Different types QA Test Automation Services offered (secret sauce-what makes us unique)

1. Mobile QA Test Automation Expertise

. Core competency of Facet . Deep expertise in a variety of mobile applications and devices

. Leverages and utilizes testing tool expertise: expanded use of existing tools, understanding of new and upcoming technologies available

2. Development of Mobile QA Testing Frameworks and Guidelines

. Required for all Mobile applications

. Different than web or windows applications

. New, modify and/or incorporate into existing QA testing framework

3. Applying specific Mobile QA Automation techniques for each client:

. Environment

. Operating Systems

. Scripting unique to mobile: Object Character Recognition (OCR), screen coordinates, colors

. Function Scripting (Libraries) – The automation of testing Mobile handheld applications utilize new functions which, when scripted and automated, provide tremendous cost advantages in time, accuracy and reusability

4. Accommodates both Enterprise Handheld and Smartphone applications