Delivery Models

To achieve your development objectives, you could rely on Facet to take your requirements and return with a finished solution. Or, you might prefer to work more closely with us through each step of the development lifecycle, collaborating with our team as an extension of your own. And there’s always the option of employing one of these strategies for some stages of the process, and the other strategy for the rest.

Whichever approach you prefer, our objective is to be the easiest provider you work with. So together we’ll devise a model that meets both your delivery and solution needs, based on our Turnkey Delivery and Virtual Extension models.

Turnkey Delivery Model

Through Turnkey Delivery, we fulfill your product or application requirements by using our processes and resources. We’ll collaboratively determine the right combination of onsite, on-shore, and off-shore resources to create a best-shore mix tailored to your needs. And to ensure adherence to deliverables and timelines, our project management experts oversee your project from beginning to end.

Virtual Extension Model

Under this model, our onshore experts and offshore resources work seamlessly with your internal teams, providing utmost project visibility with the clearest communication. Clients who utilize this model project-after-project often come to think of our dedicated resources as their own. You might prefer this approach when your product or application requirements are evolving. Our expertise with iterative processes ensures they can be incorporated without delay or disruption. With this type of engagement, your projects are usually managed under your direction. But if you need us to take a more active project management role, onsite or off, we can do that, too.