Financial Services

The only constant in the business of financial services is change. The factors that drive it are numerous and inextricably linked: regulation and deregulation; globalization; fraud prevention; risk mitigation; product and service innovation; and increased competition; all magnified by rapid and continual advances in telecommunications and information technology. And because the industry is today at the epicenter of the world’s economic turmoil, all of these factors are colliding to prompt massive and sweeping regulatory reform.

The resulting pressures on your industry are immense. Competition will be fierce as your institution fights to attract new customers and deposits. Simultaneously, the converging and merging world of payments in this post-Check 21 environment – where you’re witnessing technological trends in imaging, conversion to ACH, virtual debit, and more – will require your organization to offer the service flexibility and mobility your customers will demand.

And all of this is occurring at a time when you’re facing mounting pressure to keep costs low and specialized IT talent is increasingly hard to find.

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