All those years of mergers and acquisitions have left a lasting impression on the hospitality industry, especially if you’re tasked with optimizing the resulting IT infrastructure:

• While your properties’ signage may be up-to-date, there’s still a myriad of legacy applications that aren’t talking to one another.

• Meanwhile, the economic conditions that led to the current consolidation slowdown have created an urgent need for systems that can help maximize guest relationships and revenue per available room.

• You need information – the more you have about a guest the more you can profit from efficiently satisfying their particular wants and needs.

• And, you’re probably under pressure to minimize operating costs, trying to do all this with a staff that is too lean.

A smart move would be extending your team’s skill sets with Facet’s IT solutions expertise. Our experience enables us to understand and solve the technology challenges you’re facing, including:

• Product extension

• Legacy application migration and integration

• Database management

• Sales management and rewards programs

• Customer relationship management (CRM) systems

• Systems training programs