Ready. Responsive. Reliable.

These are the qualities you seek when choosing a solutions provider.

To take their measure, you look deeper than delivery methods and process expertise. You look for a strong foundation of dependable systems and infrastructure. And Escalates Tech India doesn’t disappoint.

Our comprehensive infrastructure and superior business practices have been strategically planned and carefully executed to ensure confidence in our partnership and solutions. Key aspects include:

• Global operations: Serving Asia from offices in the India

• Secure facilities and systems: Protective measures keep IT, telecommunications, and facilities strong and safe to ensure business confidentiality, integrity, and continuity

• Centers of Excellence: Developing and retaining talent in Microsoft and Java technologies, business intelligence, database architecture, and more

• Optimizing process environment: Development practices focus on continuous process improvement

• CMMI certified: Development practices and process environment that have been certified to meet CMMI Level 3 standards

• Collaborative and flexible project management systems: An all-inclusive set of tools to facilitate agile execution, including iteration management, configuration control, incident tracking, and release management

• Award-winning recruitment practices: Sustaining a worldwide staff and a consultant base of thousands, ensuring the best-screened, most talented resources for your projects