Consultant Retention

Finding the right staffing solutions provider means choosing one that excels at consultant retention. Because when you need hard-to-find IT talent, the last thing you need to hear is that the experts who understand your business and industry have moved on. With Escalates Tech India, you can be sure you have a partner that knows a happy consultant is a productive consultant, one who is likely to stick around.

So we think of our consultants as another base of our customers, placing the same emphasis on customer satisfaction in our working relationships with them as we do with you. This commitment has driven the development of Escalates Tech India’s comprehensive consultant retention program. It includes:

PC-based relationship management tools that keep open the recruiter/ consultant communication channels

Regular satisfaction reviews that provide our consultants with the opportunity to give and receive feedback

An attractive benefits package that includes the insurance coverage, referral rewards, and relocation assistance that keep us competitive as an employer

Of course, effective consultant retention begins with our recruiters and their skill at forming perfect matches between consultants and clients.